Founder – 
Terra Malia Foti is most passionate about making a positive difference in someone’s life personally or professionally and values being an asset, a resource, a mentor and a student. To create this environment, she founded RUSHwahine in January 2014. The first event Terra hosted under her initial business SkyFace (an events management company) was titled RUSH. She was entering the New Year as a first-time entrepreneur and was RUSHing this new venture with excitement and fierce curiosity. Steadfast on bringing something fresh to the scene for small business owners, she carved out her first function offering networking with a twist! Creating a space where attendees could feel safe being completely transparent, authentic, naked and truly bond before business, she invited women, only adding “wahine” in the title. RUSH wahine was the first event name, and she fused it tilting the business and community RUSHwahine.

Born and raised on O’ahu, Terra has cultivated an understanding of the unique traits that drive business in Hawai’i; trust and credibility are paramount for successful relationships. Growing up, she wished she had a trusted community that was professionally driven. Being from Hawai’i, where many locals work two to three jobs (entry level or line work) just to get by, youth are not traditionally privy to the corporate environment which can limit them over time. Now, knowing how beneficial that exposure is in both expanding one’s reach and maximizing opportunity, Foti attributes her broadened business lens to her hospitality career from early on. While trials and tribulations continue to flow, she believes that if you are given proper tools before you begin to build, you can truly light your path.

Equipped with a lofty background in the hospitality industry, Terra leans her sales, marketing, and catering strengths when crafting emotional provoking events that allow attendees to connect with purpose. She remains motivated by creating business opportunities for women and an environment to feel safe in sharing.

Groomed in an industry that encourages networking, she frequently found herself in a plethora of handshakes and rapid business card swapping. Valuing both the opportunity to cultivate new business and connecting with like minds, beyond the business card, launching RUSHwahine’s professional social mixers and educational events is like her having her cake, and eating it too!

RUSHwahine is a refreshing way to connect, discover and breathe collaboration. Reverse networking; bonding first, business second. She has carved out events with the attendee in mind.

Forward thinking, Terra wants to begin rooting wahine4hawaii (RUSHwahine Foundation) and begin to seed future wahine entrepreneurs through mentorship and capital. A high percentage of youth leave the state after high school in search of broader opportunities and affordability. Her goal is to provide a toolkit for young women to start a business so that they can survive and thrive while remaining home in Hawai’i for generations to come should they so choose.

Terra’s drive in her professional life has allowed her the freedom to be a supportive mother and wife in her personal life. Having Terra Foti as the Founder of RUSHwahine has given women from all walks of life a chance at succeeding in reaching their career goals and aspirations. It is amazing what you can accomplish when looking beyond your immediate vantage point. DREAM BIG!