Founder – Terra Malia Foti, founded RUSHwahine in January 2014, her first year of entrepreneurship. Born and raised on O’ahu, Terra has cultivated an understanding of the unique traits that drive business in Hawaii; trust and credibility are paramount for successful relationships both personally and professionally.

Equipped with a lofty background in the Hospitality Industry, Terra combines her sales and marketing lens to create emotional provoking events that allow attendees to connect, identify business opportunities and feel safe sharing both wins and best practices unabashedly.

Groomed in an industry that encourages networking she frequently found herself in a plethora of handshakes and rapid business card swapping. Valuing both the opportunity to cultivate new business and connecting with like minds, she launched RUSHwahine professional social and educational events for women with a bit of a twist.

RUSHwahine is a refreshing way to connect, discover and breathe collaboration. Reverse networking; bonding first, business second.  She carves out events with the attendee in mind.